Podcasters: Why transcription can be an important part of your online presence

You've already done the work of researching your topic, booking appropriate guests, getting good recording equipment, and launching a smart, easy-to-use, and informative website for your podcast. By adding transcripts of your podcasts to your website, you can drastically increase the amount of content on your website.

I'm not an SEO expert, but I do know that Google and other search engines love content-rich sites. Discussions on podcasts tend to be very dense with the sort of language that really defines whatever your niche is, (IE your transcript is probably going to contain A LOT of the buzzwords for which you want your website to be recognized by search engines).

It's kind of like adding a blog to your website. It's regular, fresh content. It's buzzword-heavy and easily indexed by search engines. It makes it much easier for writers to quote your information (with your permission and a link back to your website, of course). People can quickly share your podcast on their social media page.

On average, there's about 150 words per minute of audio. So if you have an hour-long podcast, by providing transcripts you can add 9,000 words of content to your website! The transcript will cost you between $150 and $250. And this is high quality stuff, too. Stuff that you or your podcaster produced, researched, and is a expert on.

I write my own blog posts, so I don't have much experience with hiring copywriters to publish blog posts for me. But from my research, a 2,000-word, professionally-written blog post will run you about $250, depending on a few different factors. Maybe it's a bit less, maybe it's a lot more depending on the frequency and quality.

So that's $250 for 2,000 words versus $200 for 9,000 words. Ghostwriting will cost you about $12.50 per 100 words; providing high-quality transcripts will cost you about $2.22 per 100 words. Plus it's content that you know and trust, actually provided by you or your podcaster. So we're looking at roughly 1/6th the cost for extremely SEO-friendly content that you ALREADY have access to.

Before you hire a ghostwriting service or a writer, think about adding transcripts of your podcast. It's an excellent, cheap source of extremely high quality content. And if you don't already have a podcast, start one, and provide transcripts.

Did I miss anything? Get anything wrong? Comment below or let me know.

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