General Information and Pricing


Base Transcription Price: $150 per audio hour

Premium Proofing: +$50 per audio hour

Time Codes: +$25 per audio hour

Multiple Speakers: +$25-75 per audio hour, depending on difficulty

Difficult Audio (including highly technical content): $+25-150 per audio hour, depending on difficulty

Rush Fee: +$100-150 per audio hour, depending on difficulty


Our goal is to be fair in all dealings, and so we will only charge a multiple speaker, difficult audio, or rush fee when it is absolutely necessary.

Amount billed is rounded to the nearest minute.  So, for example, a 59-minute audio file would be billed as .9833 hours rather than 1 hour; a 2-minute audio file would be billed as .0333 hours, etc.

We accept check, cash, direct deposit, and all major credit cards.  We typically send an invoice at the conclusion of a project or at predetermined project checkpoints.


Our standard turnaround is within 1-3 business days, depending on the context.  So, for example, a 6-minute single-speaker dictation may be easily turned around in 1 day or even on the same day, but a 4-hour unmoderated focus group may be on the higher end.

Rush fees are also context-dependent.  The above-mentioned 6-minute single-speaker dictation may not require a rush fee for same- or next-day delivery, but the 4-hour focus group would require a rush fee for the same turnaround.

We strive to be accommodating to most reasonable turnaround requests, and thus avoid rush fees whenever possible.


You can upload to us via our website at, or you can share files with us using your preferred file sharing service.

We typically deliver transcripts via email in .doc format.  Other formats and delivery methods available upon request.




We have three levels of verbatim: standard, legal verbatim, and video editing verbatim.

Standard is lightly edited for readability and clarity, eliminating minor verbal tics and stutters.
Legal verbatim contains all spoken words but eliminates some insignificant word repetitions and verbal tics.
Video editing verbatim contains all spoken words as well as the significant verbal tics and word repetitions.

There is no price distinction between the three levels of verbatim.


All Rogers Word Service transcripts are proofed and checked before delivery to the client.  We also offer premium proofing.  Premium proofing entails detailed research into proper names, technical terminology, acronyms, foreign language terms, etc., as well as extra review on difficult sections of audio, to ensure a transcript that is essentially “ready to publish.”  Due to the thorough nature of premium proofing, turnarounds tend to be a bit longer.


These are our basic rates, and they may change up or down depending on the nature and requirements of the proposed project.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss a project.